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Pest Exterminator

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Pest Exterminator

Pest Exterminator

Date added: 2013-12-30

Tags:parasprites  pest  exterminator  twilight sparkle  princess  ponyville  my little pony games 

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Game Information:

Princess has summoned Twilight Sparkle; she tells her that these Parasprites are too much of a hassle need to be taken care of. She does not want Pinkie Pie to use her last tactics so she is leaving Twilight in charge! She teachers her a new spell, incinerate. This spell will turn anything in its path to dust! You must guide Twilight Sparkles spell into incinerating all the Parasprites without damaging anyone or anything! This game requires skill and patience to be able to take care of the Parasprites without hurting any other creatures which may roam in Ponyville! Good luck

How to play:

To control Twilight sparkle you must use the “WSAD” to move her around the map, You then use your mouse to aim and then click to shoot the spell. You can perform a special spell by holding down the left click button to use rapid fire!

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  • avatar
    kirby4211 (427) - 2014-06-27, 07:35
    cool :D love how it used skyrim references and music :D I personaly think its a good mlp fim game

  • avatar
    AmeleLiana (1341) - 2014-06-21, 17:59
    this game to 10mins to load and it wasnt even good, btw at least pinkiepie didnt KILL THEM.

  • avatar
    AmeleLiana (1341) - 2014-06-21, 17:57
    nope v_v

  • avatar
    pinkiecutie (1551) - 2014-05-21, 15:49
    wierd game.

  • avatar
    rainbow dash123awesome (1167) - 2014-04-14, 11:34
    this way to creepy and princess celestia never says pinkie insane noo noo noo

  • avatar
    Rainbow_Dash (48) - 2013-12-31, 18:48
    Extreme, but the Princess wasn't fair to Pinkie and Twilight.
    Pinkie: From the start Princess Celestia used 'Pinkie's insane music' the maker of the game just used the word 'inane' because he/she spelled it wrong.
    Twilight Sparkle: The Princess said the news to Twilight like it was so obvious! The princess NEVER does that so does a true princess.

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